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In suburban Troy near the RPI campus, preservation award-winning Historic Ardsley Apartment Boutique, considered in a league of its own, is situated just above the city’s downtown in a relaxed, quiet, walkable area-a prime example of the city’s rebirth. Units here are distinct from each other, both in floor plan and style. This beautifully restored landmark, once an opulent estate, is a welcome alternative to cookie-cutter apartments where spaces are often identical-absent charm, solid construction, elegance and character. Historic Ardsley, min to Albany via I787, especially appeals to renters by choice who are frustrated by the sameness that pervades most rentals today. In addition to RPI, Ardsley serves international clientele associated with its close neighbor Emma Willard, the private college preparatory high school for girls.

With unique contours, touches and iconic charm, Ardsley’s select suites fill a distinctive niche in Capital Region apartment living. Their sturdy construction provides a substantial buffer from ambient sound-largely missing in newer apartments today. The developer pioneered in the regional creation of the Ultra-efficient Micro Suite and Junior Suite and continues to develop select spaces to provide the discerning renter with excellent situations when available. Square feet (SF) was never a consideration in Ardsley’s calculus. The prime driver was aesthetics only. Therefore, the developer in almost all cases created the living spaces from the original bones rather than a wholesale tear-out and rebuild. What may have been sacrificed in room size has been artfully made up in quality; Ignoring contractors’ wishes to tear out the vintage wooden windows and replace them with vinyl, the developer insisted they be saved and restored. For example, the hardwood floors are authentic. All Wood, no fillers or resins commonly found in faux or imitations today. The average resident stay at this venerable landmark property is 3-5 years. It is a model of residential stability. “It’s like living in a big house,” said one resident. Its central location affords an especially favorable apartment option near Albany and other destinations.

NOTE: Because of Covid variants, key points in the building have been specially cleaned and aerosolized.

“People should never have to live in a box.”
-The Ardsley Developer